How Useful Is A Forex Trend Scanner And Do You Need One?

Forex Trend ScannerForex traders who trade in the trend and pattern recognition, then a Forex Trend Scanner would be a good tool to help you identify trends instead of you manually scanning charts on your own.

For those who are unaware, software are available online and Forex Trendy Forex Trend Scanner has been gaining popularity over the years and has caught eyes so much so that I couldn’t give it a miss.

For those Forex traders who trade in the trend and pattern recognition, then this may be a very helpful tool for you.

What is Forex Trendy Forex Trend Scanner?

It’s a software that is constantly monitoring 34 currency pairs for trend and chart pattern in the background to find the best pair and time frame.

Benefits Of Forex Trend Scanner

  • Nothing to download or install.
  • Software works independently from your trading platform.
  • Software is supported on an user-friendly interface and sends you audible alert and email once a setup is present.
  • You can access a quick overview of the trends for all 34 pairs within all periods. It’s scanning continuously.
  • It’s capable of recognizing reliable continuation chart patterns, flags, triangles, trend lines, wedges.
  • The software has live charts where you can see emerging chart patterns and completed pattern history
  • Improve success rate by picking the best trending pair and time frame.
  • Frees up your time to do other things instead of waiting in front of your computer screen waiting for a certain pattern to form or a breakout/trend to occur.

Is Forex Trendy Forex Trend Scanner a Good Tool?

It’s only a tool to help you trade but be Warned That If you do not trade in the trend or chart pattern recognition and try to change your trading style just to follow the alert generated, then It Is Not going to work for you.
And having a software scanning multiple pairs in the background and alerting you doesn’t mean you should try to trade all those signals. Trade pairs that you are familiar and comfortable with before trading others.

Remember! This is a pattern recognition software that generates an alert when there is trend breakout or formation of certain pattern NOT a trading signal call!
It’s only meant to be used as a tool to help you with your trading. And if you think you are better at scanning charts on your own then by all means do so and not rely on others.

Is Forex Trendy Forex Trend Scanner A Good Buy?

All in, it is a great tool to have at a steal of just $37/month which works out to be about 60 cents a trading day.
What is 60 cents a trading day compared to the amount of time you have to sit down in front of your charts and scanning on your own?

And it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee too! What else can you ask for?

Check Out Forex Trendy Forex Trend Scanner Here

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